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MedClaims International, LLC (MCI) is an industry leader in assisting healthcare organizations
to receive payment for uncompensated healthcare.

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Our Story

  • Founded


    MedClaims International, LLC (MCI), a hospital claims resolution company was founded in 2001. MCI’s focus was on supporting institutional medical providers with the burden of uncompensated healthcare.

  • Expansion

    2002 – 2015

    MCI maintains steady expansion that results in new business spanning 39 states and Puerto Rico.

  • Eli Global


    Eli Global acquired MCI. Eli Global, headquartered in Durham, NC, is wholly owned by its founder and employees. It is a conglomeration of independent portfolios comprising more than 100 businesses. Eli’s portfolios operate in 15 different sectors, including health care, technology, insurance and financial services.

  • MCI and CMC Alliance


    Credit Management Company (CMC), an established accounts receivable management firm headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, and MCI announce a formal partnership to deliver additional revenue cycle services to healthcare clients.

  • Technology / Reporting

    2016 - 2017

    MCI makes technological advancements for clients by adopting a more effective and efficient way to send denied claims. In addition, new reporting capabilities are available to clients that provide revenue cycle leaders with strategic insight into the root cause of denials. Trending analysis and activity reporting for clients are also available.


Our Stats Speak For Themselves.




Our Success Rate in Overturning Denied Claims Placed at Day 90


Types of Denials Worked


Years of Experience WorkingDenied Claims

Our Client Footprint

MedClaims International is proud to work with many healthcare organizations across the US. The states highlighted in blue illustrate MCI’s national footprint. MedClaims currently has clients in 39 states, including Puerto Rico.

Our Client Footprint

Facilities And Hospitals We Serve


Acute Care Hospitals Acute Care Hospitals


Drug & Alcohol Centers Drug & Alcohol Centers


Behavioral Health Facilities Behavioral Health Facilities


Trauma Centers Trauma Centers




Rehab Centers Rehab Centers


We Work 20+ Types Of Denials


  • Coordination of Benefits
  • Coding Errors
  • Behavioral Health
  • Eligibility
  • Retroactive Authorization
  • Non-Covered Benefit Item
  • Medical Necessity Denials
  • Timely Filing
  • Pre-Existing Condition
  • Billing Errors
  • Incarcerations
  • Payment Sent to Member
  • Out of Network
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Pre-Certification Issues
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Benefits Exhausted
  • Terminated Coverage
  • Self-Insured Funding Issues
  • DRG Discrepancy
  • Level of Care Discrepancy

Leadership Team

Mary Lou Muti

Mary Lou Muti


36 years’ experience
Mary Lou has a strong commitment and loyalty to generating client satisfaction 100% of the time.
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Joel McKiernan

Joel McKiernan

Executive Vice President of Sales

26 years’ experience
Joel believes that strong relationships are the cornerstone to success.
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Bill East

Bill East

Vice President of IT

20 years’ experience
Bill’s goal is to provide clients with functionality and transparency.
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Robin Prince Grey Bkgd circle

Robin Prince

Vice President of Operations

27 years’ experience
Robin has a client orientation and a deep commitment to client satisfaction.
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Cesar Wilen

Cesar Wilen


10 years' experience
Cesar is passionate about planning now for the future.
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Jessica Fritz

Jessica Fritz

HR director

15 years' experience
Jessica believes a company's strongest asset is its employees.
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