Claims Resolution Services

The heart of our business is assisting hospitals in obtaining payment for the services they have provided. Since the date when a hospital renders service and the date when payment is expected are often separated by months, collecting patient claims requires an organized and methodical approach. At MedClaims, we have the time and expertise necessary to navigate the obstacles and red tape that make collecting payments in the medical industry so difficult.

Hospitals retain our services because we reduce the amounts that they write off as bad debt. We possess superb knowledge of the industry and know how to work with insurance companies to convert a denied claim into one that pays. We’re committed to helping healthcare organizations.


Our Approach

MedClaims provides revenue cycle leaders with strategic insight into the root cause of denials, including those that originated in patient access areas related to eligibility and registration. You will be able to pinpoint the areas contributing to the denial rate and the dollar value of making improvements.

After we have identified the denial volume and reasons, we categorize the denials so that they can be monitored, trended, and routed to the appropriate department for remediation.

Once we have categorized the denial reasons, we provide a monthly activity report that tracks and discloses representative activity per claim.